Our Crest

Birlirr Ngawiyiwu Catholic School’s logo has incorporated the significant creation story of Yaruman/Ringer Soak (see History Page) and is surrounded by the Aboriginal Flag colours.

The Blue centre is the pictorial representation of the Two Sisters, the small oval in the middle is the rock which the two sisters had brought with them and the dots are the Jonny Cakes made from seeds grounded into flour. The flames below show where they burst out and created soak wells across the area.

School Prayer

Nyawa ngalibanga gull
Ngaliba nyinangu ngurrgu
Ngurrulu ngaliwa ngungumanan Ngawi murlangga ngurrangga
Ngalina nyanu bura nyanganggu
Ngawi ngalibang marnan ngalliwa yanu bina yangangu
Ngawi ngalibang manan ngaliwa nyinangu yura

This is our school.
It is a place to be happy.
Let us love God, love everyone in our community and love our country.
Help us to listen to one another and be good learners.
God help us to be kind to one another and to be good.